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Rumisu Shahmaran Wool scarf



mesmerized with this mystical semi-human semi-snake figure since childhood; "shah"; the persian title for a monarch - "mar"; snake in persian & kurdish and "mar-an" for snakes in plural. she is not only the queen of all serpents, but also an anatolian goddess of wisdom and guardian of the secrets, out-smarting her enemies with her incredible wit & wisdom in all the tales told about her. when she dies, it is said that her eternal spirit will pass on to her daughter. perhaps a strong nod to all those secrets we learn from our mothers?! her tales are still told and retold, from middle east to India with different variations, however we feel lucky to have grown up with her enchanting image through the folklore of the kurdish people in eastern turkey. 

  • each print illustrated by hand, transferred and then digitally printed
  • 100% wool
  • measuring 140 cms by 140 cms
  • to be delivered in its own 100% linen pouch with “rumisu”s bird logo hand-embroidered on it
  • illustrated by deniz yegin ikiisik


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